The Rules.

The aim of the game is for all the knights (a group of children), to prove they are worthy knights by defeating the dragon, (any kid who wants to be the dragon). to accomplish this, the children must:

1. Choose someone to be the dragon, and the dragon must stand facing the wall.
2. Get in a line behind the dragon of a distance of around 25 feet.
3. the dragon will say go, and when he/she says go, the knights advance forward slowly taking 1 step every 2 seconds.

4. If the dragon turns around and see's a knight moving, the dragon will say, " I see you warrior". Then the dragon will ask the knight a question, and if the knight gets it right he/she has another chance and they stay where they are. but if they get it wrong they will go into the dragons dungeon. (sit out till next round).
5. this will keep on going on until every knight is either out or has got to the wall where the dragon is, which means they have proved they are worthy knights.

when the dragon turns around, stop!
also play fairly.
have fun.